My Friend Herbert

Poem By Mary Nagy

You've become somewhat like family, I hold you in my heart.
I'd say that you are dear to me but that is just a start.

You've given me encouragement and this I need so much.
We built this ''cyber'' friendship without a single touch.

You've inspired so much poetry that I could never say
just what you've come to mean to me...but I'll try anyway.

It means so much to come here and post a lonely poem
and know my friend will be here and that I'm not alone.

I've never really fit in well with any special group.
Here you've made me feel I'm part of a proud poetic loop.

You've shown how wise and caring we all know you can be.
I'm glad I got to know ''Herbert'' cause he's a friend to me.

Comments about My Friend Herbert

Mary you caused a flutter of rouge on my mandibular region. Thanks, very nice and much appreciated. I wrote one in response. Best H
This is not because I owed you it.......this is cause I meant it. Mary

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