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My Friend Jannelle

I declare, thou at a goddess.
Shall I compare you to the sun,
That hides its smile in furious tempest? '
Shall I compare you to the moon,
That attains its vigor from another?
Shall I utter, thou at the brightest star,
That excels not in obscure weather?
You are more admirable than these by far.
You're arrayed with superior splendor;
A queen inaugurated to a majestic thrown.
you're a sovereign lady of inestimable valor.
Virtuosity is the marrow in your bone,
Diamonds has lost its validity
you are my newly found gem
An inestimable commodity,
Who's favored amongst women.
You are my perfect friend,
One I've grasp for a lifetime,
My exquisite ally indeed,
I've made you mine.

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