My Friend, My Shadow...............

Poem By rohini kumari

i found someone walking with me,
following me continuously.

i ran from her
she was again with me,
i wanted to leave alone
as i was said
but she never allow.

after sometime,
she became my habit and
and now i use to walk with her,
lough with her,
see her,
notice her,
spend my time with her.

when i raised my hand for a friend,
she came to me for the first,
to become my BFF,
she became my cool budy.

i noticed her completly
never noticed her weakness
which was darkness.

i never noticed that
she leave me alone in darkness
i was her only friend
and she never left me alone ever
except night.

now i think why
why i was not able to find her weakness,
why she never told me that,
why, why and why.

then i became angry from her,
just wants that she leave me alone,
but she never did that.

i shouted,
i screamed,
i scold, her.

but she never leaved me alone.

then a light came in my mind,
with a little and sweet voice,
telling me to forgive her,
making me to understand her.

after that night i understood my fault,
i understood what a friend is,
why she never told me her...
she never wanted me to be worried,
she always think for my wellness.

now i know a true friend is what,
and it was not anyone else,
it was my own shadow,
my friend, my shadow.

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