My Friend, The Light

I can see a brighter light now
That entered my world quietly,
It floated in, changing me somehow
And remains my companion, silently.
We travel a path that leads to adventure
Giving us teachings and lots of challenge,
My friend the light has an intensity
That helps us easily manage.
It speaks through the language of healing
Songbirds carry it to all our ears,
If we believe the messages' meanings
Love settles deeper and moves out the fears.
The rocky road we've shared
Brought a special closeness for we two,
Our warmth and a passion that we cared
Strengthened all that we could do.
Character-building, feeling a lot More of what I might
Brings powerfully reaching ways that are right,
The silent partner always smiles full and bright
Never asking a thing, it is my friend, the light.

by Mark Daley

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