BA (06/25/1940 / North Carolina)

My Friend The Rabbit

I saw a rabbit, with a furry little tale,
A cute little fellow, as he consumed my plant,
I said scat, but he just stared and ate,
Little mouth just twitching, consuming my kale,

He moved from one, then to another,
He must be hungry, I thought to myself,
It just a plant, he needs it more,
Surely he will stop, I thought, as he moved to the other,

A change in diet, he must have had,
As he jumped to my radish, not those I screamed,
He just looked once more, at my grimacing face,
Little nose twitching, my face, it was sad

I could not bring myself, you see,
To run him away, from that he needs,
He needs the nourishment, I said with a smile,
I hope he gets fat, and never comes back to me.

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AWWWWW...... a poet with a thumb of green and a heart of gold.... Lovely poem... thank you.... Alison