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My Friends
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My Friends

Poem By julio moreno

I am there for you when you need help, but you dont ask for my help.
I am there when your down, you decide not to tell me why you are down.
I am there when you are alone, yet you go away and stay alone.
I am there when you want company, yet you dont want to talk to me unless ur despret.
I am there, yet, you ignore me.
Instead, you talk to your other friends,
Instead, you ask others for help,
Instead, you dont want my advice,
Instead, you chose to stay alone when i am there,
Instead, you look for your 'true' friends to have company with,
Instead, you decide i am not worth talking to.
You, are the only one who will be my friend.

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Este tipo era un genio. Este simplísimo poema refleja la incomprensión que siente, eso les pasa a los genios, sienten q viven donde no pertenecen, no son comprendidos