KD (13-01-1998 / Vijayawada, India)

On My Very Mind

I have just told you the reason
Why the stars haven’t fallen; and maybe you are still up,
But what do you believe in:
Not swimming pools, but the call of my voice,
Echoing to you on the birthday of your mines, and everything
While the saddles lay unstaddled save for the elk and for the
While the seas circle around their curious harems,
While the rainbows leap, and leap and finally to settle down,
Like even the most industrious of airplanes finally have to
Touch the ground:
And now this: now this, touching dirt unto dirt,
Lips unto lips, while the Ferris Wheels close up like envelopes,
Like a roses’ lips down deep into the centers of a hurricane,
Or something even more cleverer than this:
Like something that I haven’t even felt, though, Alma,
I have felt you, like the very same way that a forest fire has felt
His very same way up the spine of those distant mountains;
And so now lips are now ash;
And you are lying down while this clock I know counts all of
The highs and the lows until the cock of cock crows;
But all the same,
I have you, and I will always have you on my very mind.

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Comments (4)

nice poem about friendship, keep writing... read my poem 'friendship day' and give your comments, hope you will like it
I like this. Life strives on good friends. Keep it up
A truth said in two stanzas-a friend in need is a friend indeed.
What a wonderfully delightful friendhip poem, Keerthana!