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My Friends
(February 4th 1988 / Davis Island)

My Friends

Poem By Jesse Tampa

My friends have forsaken me, I've been betrayed
Much to my disbelief, much to my dismay
What could I possibly have done to be hung up to dry?
They've washed me away, not a pigment in their eyes
I'm not a fragment of their thoughts at all
I'm driven to madness, grab the phone and I call
I call and I call, voicemails, dial tones
Nobody is around, no one is home
Where are my friends? The true colors have shown
I can't really believe it but I should have known
Their numbers change, cell phone plans are re-arranged
Isn't this treason, is not this strange?
A select few answer my call
The rest let it dismiss and fall
Where are all of my friends?
Out playing make believe? Fine tuned to their trends
I am in anguish, joined the ranks of the plebians
So I'll call up a friend, and leave a message.. 'It's me again'
They never answer, too busy to listen, no time to converse
My answering machine is dry, my landline has been cursed
I just want to chat, alls I need is a friend to talk
But every time I dial anyone, the rings run they don't walk
I'm ignored and I'm bored, I'm exanimate to the roof
Where are my so called buddys? Their phone's are the proof
They are gone and I'm left with no support
Smashing my phone into the wall, forget the calls, abort.


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