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In Tara's Halls

A MAN I praise that once in Tara's Hals
Said to the woman on his knees, 'Lie still.
My hundredth year is at an end. I think
That something is about to happen, I think
That the adventure of old age begins.
To many women I have said, ''Lie still,''
And given everything a woman needs,
A roof, good clothes, passion, love perhaps,
But never asked for love; should I ask that,
I shall be old indeed.'
Thereon the man
Went to the Sacred House and stood between
The golden plough and harrow and spoke aloud
That all attendants and the casual crowd might hear.
'God I have loved, but should I ask return
Of God or woman, the time were come to die.'
He bade, his hundred and first year at end,
Diggers and carpenters make grave and coffin;
Saw that the grave was deep, the coffin sound,
Summoned the generations of his house,
Lay in the coffin, stopped his breath and died.

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'Friend - A single soul dwelling within two separate people.' (Aristotle) You write.. of associates..and not friends. Real friends...will be due course! Best wishes.
The only person who can understand ypur pain more is yourself... But your friends should at least be empathetic... That's what friends are supposed to be for. Hope the pain eases soon...
I deffinitly get tid poem. People never understand your pain. The only things they except is smiles. They look past all the fake laughs because they are getting what they want All the while you must suffer silently in the pain that is all your own. I liked it thank you.
ME TOO! ! ! well sometimes when i get a boo boo, liked this poem! good job