My Friends

My friends without shields walk on the target

It is late the windows are breaking

by William Stanley Merwin Click to read full poem

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I like particularly repetition of 'my friends', who have undergone various misfortunes. 'My friends with nothing'.
At dawn the stars on their flag will vanish The water will turn up their footprints and the day will rise Like a monument to my Friends the forgotten - - - - - - - - - - - -Perhaps the poet gives tribute to forgotten heroes of a war who lost every thing, legs, eyes or lives for the country or people.Now they are forgotten, but time will one day tell their stories.
A different consideration of what kind of friends you can have. M.Walker.
Very heartfelt dedication......great write!
My friends without fathers or houses hear Doors opening in the darkness Whose halls announce Nice work.Thanks for sharing it with us.
This is such a touching piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing.Like to read again and again.
This is such a touching piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing.
Grief moves among them! Thanks for sharing.
A beautiful narrative of the attributes of friends, in general. Thanks for sharing.
At the line 'My friends with nothing leave it behind in a box, ' your poem captured me.