The Day Of Freedom

There will be a day that it won’t matter. Those days you’ve cried so hard will be gone. Those days that you do nothing but think, they will be gone. Those days where you feel unwanted or not cared about. Those days won’t exist anymore. Those days will be gone and you will be free. Free from people and things that are unimportant. Free from those who tie you down. From those who have said to you that you are useless. And those who said you are nothing but a waste of space. You will be free. Free to enjoy your life. Free to laugh as much as you want and not worrying about tomorrow. Free to be yourself. So, till that days comes I will sit still and look up at the sky for a sign that will let me know when my freedom is about to show.

by Faith Hope

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Nice write poet...the smile on the face is important lol
A really great poem, like it, a great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Victims Of The Past.