My Future

I see my UChicago diploma on the wall as I get dressed.
I watch my kids have fun playing with each other.
I admire my parents for lavishing gifts on me, using their time and money.
I thank my friend and co-worker for helping me get a job at his company.
I hear the incessant clicking of people hard at work calculating numbers.
I want a promotion to the head of the financial department.
I smell the bread baking in the oven and can't wait to devour it.
I feel gratitude towards my pets for being loyal to me when my friends have deserted me.
I hope for fame from being the leading authority on something.
I think of how far I have come from my childhood and how far I still have to go.
I miss the fun times of childhood, when I didn't have to pay attention to my job 15 hours a day.

by Owen Yang

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