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My Future
EB (21/10/87 / )

My Future

Poem By Elsa Bear

me and you
against the world.
that's the way it's always been
you keep my sane,
you keep me happy,
you keep my head above the water,
always telling me to keep my chin up.

the moment i heard stevie wonder i knew,
it was you and me forever.
'cos i luv you,
i just like the things you do,
dont you change the things you do'
the violins play,
i smile.
music means so much,
memories play like a home movie,
frozen stills of happy times,
of smiles and jokes, of tears and heartache,
of you and me. together.

my cynicism has evaporated,
my heart is full of happiness,
i hate to sound cheesy
but i want to spend my life with you,
i want to grow old with you,
i want to be happy with you,

you are my past present and future.
i want to wake up with you every monring,
not just every sunday,
i want your smile to be the first thing i see
and the last.

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Comments (3)

Wonderfully put together Elsa. There are times when only sounding cheesey will do. And what better soundtrack than Stevie Wonder? Many regards Denis Joe
Beautiful, Elsa, as ever. Love is the greatest inspiration the heart can give the pen... Jon.
every line a treasure for at last joy dwells in your heart when so many others sink and sink no bottom in sight a lovely poem