Hold On My Pen..

Poem By hazem al jaber

I want to see the changes
that lies beyond these doors,
to the gate of future ages
and see what heaven has in store.

Slowly, I am letting go
Of this temporal earthly illusion,
Finding the reasons to know,
why time possesses my season.

I think about my future
What destiny has to offer?
I want to know more than before
I go as a lamb to the slaughter.

In life, I want to find out
which galaxy has the realm of peace,
Which stars define, being so complete,
And which ones will never cease?

I want to hear the omnipotent God
A voice, that has power over my life,
being a shelter and my rear guard,
taking away all my misery and strife.

Today, I surrender,
and leave what I have now
to find the moment that will last forever
and be exactly sure that I know.

How the change will happen,
when I want to laugh, I cry instead,
the pain only gets deeper within
The very moment my eyes are blessed.

Tears rained down my face
I wish I could hold on a little more,
but my number has been replaced
and the angel has come to close the door.

When I closed my eyes
stars are circling that moment,
I forgot the light changed to darkness,
the only beautiful thing has peace constant.

I am thinking about my future
And the rewards that are to come,
When my breath is no longer here,
By then, my journey will be done.

Comments about Hold On My Pen..

You see the changes darling poet! Wow1 Wow! This is great poem darling poet. Thank you very much.
Quite a profound view on life and death by a gentle soul .... very well written. I like the cadence and meter of your verse.

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