AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

My Garden.

Last night a storm blew hardly,
It made me could not fall asleep.
There’s so worry in my heart,
It was causing me unable to control myself.

The flowers were broken wet on ground.
Feeling so painful in my heart by seeing this.
Such screen made my eyes red with tears.
How bad it was to see my dead flowers?

How many pieces of branches were broken?
It made me sobbing inside my heart quietly.
The wind is just over before I get up this morning.
Another beautiful sunshine begins giving me a gentle kiss.

There’s another new day begins again.
A new hope begins to rise ahead.
I wish my flowers are growing better again.
I hope no more storms come into my garden.

I don’t want my heart might be broken again.
It might destroy my flowers which need my cares.
I want to grow my flowers to be beautiful.
I must show you how beautiful there it will be.

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