Adam And Eve Apple Fantasy

I am a bit bored Adam
I am a bit bored Eve
Let's walk together in the garden
This beautiful garden of Eden
It is the middle of the day Adam
It is the middle of the day Eve
Our tummies are hungry and empty
Let's need something to eat
Look Adam honey
How wonderful these fruit trees
Oh this beautiful Apple tree
No Eve this is the knowledge tree
Look Eve there is sign in the sky
Can't you see?
The Lord command
Don't eat from the apple tree
Ha Ha Ha
Who is that?
I am serpent of the garden
Listen Adam and Eve
Go pick the big shiny apple
Adam my honey
Do you hear me?
My stomach is aching
go get me a delicious apple
Eve I would not disobey the Lord
Oh Adam, oh honey
Do not seduce me Eve
Ooh Adam, Ooh Eve
Something happened after
we ate this apple
Let's get some fig leaves
It is time to get some rest
under the huge shaded tree
Adam let's have babies
Eve let's have children
Adam and Eve oh oh
Let's fill a new world

by Sherif Monem

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