My Garden Queen

I met you in the garden, it was nearly dusk
Must I kiss those ruby lips I thought I must
So I put my arms around you, and you laughed and sighed
Crying, don't ever leave me for without your love I would die

We were seventeen then, life was so lovely and full of dreams
Now a century has passed since meeting in the garden it seems
I can only wonder now, and my mind does implore
Do you ever think of your night in the garden anymore

Am I a forgotten stranger that you cannot seem to recall
Or do you still remember you vows of love by that garden well
Have you ever regretted your words of love then spoken
Or is your tender heart, like mine, still broken

O would that some time machine could now erase those years between
And that I could meet again with my garden queen
Could I but hear once more, her love declared as token
Those endearing words spoken a young boys heart unbroken

But I have found that life in all its glory has a timeless face
And not one minute of love or labor will it ever erase
So a love at seventeen is a treasure so bright and bold
Time only separated heartaches, love never grows old

Now as I sit before my warm winter fireside
Dreamily pondering of how my youth was spent
I think ever of you in the highest esteem
For you see, you are my seventeen Garden Queen

by Ervie C.Jones

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