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My Gay Agenda
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My Gay Agenda

I was watching the news today
And saw something that struck me as a little funny.

They’re talking about burning books again
About destroying knowledge and dreams
About covering up and hiding
What they see as the imperfections of society

Goodbye Tennessee Williams
Terrence McNally
And yes, even Shakespeare

I’m sorry you have to leave
When there is still so much to learn

Goodbye Francisca Lia Block
You saved my life once
When I was only 13 years old

Goodbye to Baby Be-Bop
I loved you so

Goodbye to Geography Club
And Rainbow Boys

Goodbye to Green Fried Tomatoes At the Whifflestop Cafe
Ruth and Idgie
And all stories like theirs

I’ll miss you when you’re gone

But I guess you have to leave
You’re part of The Gay Agenda

I never knew wanting to get married
Have kids
Live in a place where all my neighbors like me
And I never have to worry about being attacked
Was such a bad thing

I never knew wanting to hold my lovers hand in public
Without being scared
Would cause so many problems

Never occurred to me that not wanting
My someday children to see things on the news
That demonize their family
Was asking so much

I never realized it threatened people
Or at least I didn’t know why

Never knew it was part of an agenda
It’s funny, but I always thought it was what everyone wanted
What we all deserved
Rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight

I thought safety and love and acceptance was something we all agreed we needed

But apparently The Gay Agenda has gone to far

So goodbye to confused and frightened kids
Being able to find solace in the school library

Their burning books again
This time I don’t think we can stop them

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Rudyard Kipling


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Safety is the number one thing everyone deserves. I thought Ruth and Idgie were lesbians but turns out they're just 'good friends'. BS. Anyways, any gay can relate to this poem. To cheer up the moment, watch a gay flick called The Trip! Thanx for sharing!