My Generation

My generation

Now, he is an anchor
-Radio's, called "Q"

Right here, same place
-sat another anchor,

-the First, is fallen now
-was famous, important
-the second, short-timer
-for now, is replacement

I listen to this while
-in head have prior
-curious I become
-two of them I compare

Both brown in skin
-Iran and Pakistan
-both of them immigrants
-thanks to lives of parents

Both want to be cool
-want to be accepted
-to take part in recent
-culture and location
-undergo the changes…

One has lost to women
-by having bad, rough sex
-and being egoist patriarch

This one is married to
-already a mother
-who came in a package
-in her bag two daughters

Both expose life style
-and are of same trend
-intention is simple
- "Need to be accepted! "

by Nassy Fesharaki

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