Suspended lion face
Spilling at the centre
Of an unfurnished sky
How still you stand,
And how unaided
Single stalkless flower
You pour unrecompensed.

The eye sees you
Simplified by distance
Into an origin,
Your petalled head of flames
Continuously exploding.
Heat is the echo of your

Coined there among
Lonely horizontals
You exist openly.
Our needs hourly
Climb and return like angels.
Unclosing like a hand,
You give for ever.

by Philip Larkin

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To you Barry I say have hope and and with effort and patience your ambitions will be fulfilled. You mention it yourself in the end when you mention faith. Have faith and hope in God the Father. He knows what is best for you in the long run. Your poem is excellent and I gave you ten.
nice poem, faith is all we to going
thats fantastic. faith is a tremendous weapon to have =)
BARRY, this was a good poem i enjoyed reading it... hay can you comment on my poems and bio...thanxz
Man is living always on hopes and faiths that one day the dream will come true.
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