My Gift From Mother Nature On Mothers Day

She knew
all I was hoping for
was a little time with you all.
She knew
if the day was bright and sunny
he would be out riding his bike
and the girls would be busy soaking up the sun.
You would inevitably have work to do
whether it was changing the spark plugs
on one of our half-dead vehicles
or mending the fence
to keep our squirrel-crazy bassett hound from escaping.
She knew
I would probably plant flowers by myself.
I love planting flowers
but, I can do that anyday.
Today I wanted to spend with those
who have made me a mother.
She knew
if she dropped the temperature
down into the 40's
you would all surely
seek the warmth of the house.
She knew
that a light drizzle
of ice-cold rain
would ensure your company
throughout the day.
As I curl up on the couch
with all of you surrounding me
and I listen to the predictable bickering
over the popcorn bowl,
I silently thank her
for giving me the gift I wanted most
for Mothers Day.
My family.
I'm glad she knows me so well.
Thank you Mother Nature.
Happy Mothers Day!

by Mary Nagy

Comments (12)

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I like the understated 'she' personification of Mother Nature, the repeated lines and easy flow in this. -chuck
Mary, this poem is so delightful, so full of life and love - and not a little whimsy! A beautiful take on a mother's wish come true, from one Mother (Nature) to another. Love to you! Esther : ]
Mary, you are a weatherman's dream come true! What a wonderful way to look at crummy weather... may Mother Nature grant you many more damp and rainy Mother's days! ! Brian
Deeply touching, down-to-earth... and it goes without saying on any piece of yours, wonderfully written. Belatedly happy Mother's Day (from across the pond, where we have it much earlier in the year!)
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