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My Gift To You
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

My Gift To You


Today I looked back over the years we have shared
I thought about all of the times you were my strength
I recalled every tear I cried to you in times of sadness
Along with the smiles and laughter that warmed my heart.

I sometimes wonder how I made it through the darkest times
Then I remember it was you who held my hand in yours
You gave to me a friendship that is my most treasured gift.
The unconditional support you have shown me is priceless.

For all the thoughtful words and gifts you have given to me
You deserve so much more than I could ever afford in wealth
So I have gone over it in my mind and in my heart and no
Gift is worthy for the most precious person in my life.

So I chose to give you a special place that belongs to me
It is a place I visit when I need to escape or feel at peace.
I have traveled to this spot so many times and have
Shown you the way there, a long time ago in your dreams.

Whenever you want to go somewhere warm and beautiful
Just close your eyes and clear your mind until you begin to
Feel the glow of the sun on your skin as it warms your heart
Smell the air around you as it is filled with the fragrance of
Bright yellow flowers open wide on a perfect summers day.

The sky above you is the most perfect shade of endless blue
As you lay within a lush green field that is the bed of flowers.
Your ears can hear the sound of waves crashing near by
Washing over the rocky coast then returning into the ocean.

The air around you is full of every colour in the rainbow
It swirls like fractals that blend and twist into the landscape.
Each colour contains emotion so full of love and happiness.
You can feel the beauty all around you lifting your soul.
If you can see my special place, it is yours to call home
All you need to do is just close your eyes to return again
Knowing that in my heart I am with you in a place in my mind
This gift is for you my beautiful friend because I love you.

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dear charmaine, oh yes, this is wonderful.