My Gift To You & What It Means

The gift I give is meant for you,
To show how much I care.
To make you look towards a future,
The days that we will share.

To be together as we should be
Until the day we die
I’ve pissed you off and made you smile,
I’ve even made you cry

But what I really want for us,
And I hope that you want too,
Is for us to be honest and happy,
The way that lovers do,

Good days we’ve shared and bad ones too,
The things we’ve done, and hope to do,
But through all this we have come through,
We did it together, just me and you.

As days turn into weeks and months,
Our love continues to grow,
And just how much I do love you,
You could never really know.

So I give this gift to you
To let you know how much I care,
And to show you that forever,
Is how long I will always be there.

So the suspense is there,
The scene is set,
The gift you get, you now will see.
So the question that I put to you is…

Will you marry me?

by Marlon Harvie

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