My Gift To You

For you,
The North Wind crystallized,
A sapphire brighter than the Sun,
With stars that sleep in clouds above,
Metamorphosized into doves.

For you,
The Moon in your mirror,
To envy your complexion fair,
To shame in your grace,
To hide in your shine,
Only to repent when your not there.

For you,
The song of the Nightingale
A thousand cries it shall serenade-
Its music heard only by those of the Gods-
With their opus of sigh,
In darkness they cry,
Echoing in the wings of the fireflies.

But for you,
I’m not there; but
In your Shadow of splendor,
The prick behind the rose;
To time as its pasts,
The candle then burns,
The wax like my heart,
No more.

by Warren Chan

Comments (2)

great poem warren, it's my favourite among all of yours, i guess staying in Malaysia doesn't affect your poetic capabilities aye? XD
Great poem. I never thought i'd ever say this, but I will say this poem reflects more poetic qualities than most of my poems. The consistency of the stanzas makes sure the poem stands out. Rhyming is great, I think the best part of the poem is in the word choices. Especially liked the words 'Nightingale, serenade, crystallized' and phrases like 'sapphire brighter than the Sun, wings of the fireflies, Shadow of splendor.' I also love the rest too, but there are too much to list here. Great poem, good job. All your poems deserve 10s. Chen