My God

My God is no chauvinist, no racist
neither chooses any people
nor restricted himself to any.
My God needs no messenger nor prophet to
get himself across to me.
He welcomes all into his scheme of things
instilling in each of us
the potentials to be prophets
to get us to solve the puzzles
he places in each of us
the mysteries of the universe
he throws his open arms to us
each day without fail
in the sweet and comforting rays.
he sends the winds and rains each season
for the crops to grow and the world to thrive.
he wakens up the man in me when the time
comes and luxuriates me with a wide
spectrum of emotions to enable me feel his magic.
he makes me feel he is there, just near me
and reveals succinctly that chance could not
have led to all these complex uniformity.
he guides me through life in his own mystical
ways setting my curiosity aflammed as
to the meanings of all that go on around me.
The real God makes me hunger to know more of him!

by john tiong chunghoo

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