LS (6/7/91 / Casa Grande)

My God

my god
saved me from my past
my god gave me pease
my god turned my life around
my life was up side down i didnt know
my god could could turn it around
my past haunts me leaves me in tears but one thing my past did was leave
me with no fears i do as i say and i get through
but my god made me true he lifted me up on wings of eagle
but a smile on my face picked me up when i fell and instead of saying o well he
gave me the strength to forgive those who wronged me the woman who beat me left me bloody and scared
made me confussed and mis lead
my god fixed my head it was full of filth and evil doing
my god just kept me going he
put a love and a burden in my heart
i know my god could give you a new start give him a chance
and let him no your pain god will shower you with love and make you as white as snow he wont give up on you his love always shows
and his heart his pure as gold

by leticia starkey

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