My God

My God is with me every day,
He comforts my heart, come what may,
Some days I am in pain,
Can’t walk or sit and feel so lame,
And I cry out, “ Lord please help me
I don’t know what to do “
My God just holds me,
Like I want him to.

He is so gracious and loves me so,
He is with me always, I just know,
I feel your calmness God,
Flowing through me now,
Once, long ago in my life, I didn’t know how,
How to seek you, to see your face,
To feel your loving touch,
To feel your embrace.

Thankyou God for your Blessing on my life,
You are Almighty, you took away my strife,
My strife with life and all the pain,
The weariness and the strain,
I love you God, with all my heart,
I pray for my illness to depart,
If this is not what you want for me,
Please God Bless me and set me free.

by Jean Gray

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Love this poem, God has blessed my family so much. He is able to do anything. Whatever your needs are, Our prayers are withyou.