My God My All In All

When u are alone and need somebody to turn to,
I am with u;
When u need a shoulder to cry,
I will be with u;
When u're down and helpless,
I will help u;
When the world turn against u,
Iwill stand by ur side;
When u stumble and fall,
I will lift u up;
When u need sombody to laugh with,
I will stand next to u;
When u need somebody to listen to,
I will lend my ear to u;
When u find no place to run to,
I will shelter u;
When ever u need me call out to me,
And I will answer u;
I Promise u this,
I will never leave u nor forsake u...
Oh! Lord This are the things u told me,
And Lord u hve kept ur word until now,
Lord I have a place for u in my heart,
Its not that good:
But Lord I'll try my best to keep u safe in there;
Thank u Lord for being everything for me,
Thank u Lord for making my world,
more beautiful then it could ever be;
U are my strength,
U r my treasure,
U are my friend,
U are my everything;
Lord you are my all in all;
U lifted me when i fell,
U held me up in the higher ground,
U answered me when i cried out to u,
U coloured my world,
making it more meaningful than ever.
My God u are my all in all....

by esha sangma

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A refined poetic imagination, Esha s. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
very devotional.thanks