DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

My Gorging Shadow

To fit the crowd
I buried my dreams
Under the ground
And now I feel,
Everything's got bad for me
Like a heavy black cloud
Coming down
Everything’s becomes too dark for me

Help somebody
Somebody help shelter me,
Now its even darker and
The light speeds its retreat
The air drops a waited bow
As the last sun rays draw away from my feet
The clouds close in and around

Through the mist and haze
I can see and feel
How my weariness amazes me
It bounds me freely at my feet
Standing amidst a twirling wind
I hear a painful song,
Drifting vocals sing a tear

A stream of images
Race past the eyes
The scream of voices and
Whispers alive,
Break down my defences and
Penetrates my mind
Crippling my emotions while dissociating me from time

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