My Governess

My governess was a wise woman
She taught me things I didn't know.
To wash and iron my own clothes
And to properly eat
And that a kind gentleman
Must pull out my seat.
She said you must learn
For one day who knows
You may not have these luxuries
And pass what you learn
On to the little ones
Because life not only changes
But it can knock you off your feet.

Day by day we would talk
About just a good life to live
To learn how to love everyone
And to learn how to generously give.
How to have dignity without being snooty
And having integrity was no sin
How to use common sense with education
Cause too much pride builds attitude within.
She said that it takes God
To give you what you want
And that He'll give you what you need
And bless you with heartfelt consciousness
But humble your life to be filled with peace.

So the days drew nigh
And she passed away
I knew I had lost my best friend.
But I remembered every word she said
And I'll hold her dear until my end.
Our days of laughter over my blunders
Our days of joy without end
She'll always be remembered
As not just someone with a job
But someone who reached out and taught me
The true meaning of being a friend.

by Cecelia Weir

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I love this poem. It's brilliant!