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My Gramps
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My Gramps

My Gramps the soldier, battling on,
The pillar of strength was all so strong,
Through dark skies ahead, and,
Bad times gone by,
His smile, his laughter but never a cry.

His ambition was clear for all to see,
Respect is all this proud man would need,
His courage and prowess was never foregone,
In his home, his castle is where he belonged.

With love in his heart and a glee in his eye,
My Gramps kept walking towing the line,
Never a grumble, bad word or resent,
To make someone smile would suffice this torment.

Never too shy to approach subjects unknown,
To challenge the comments of people alone,
His belief, his character his qualities within,
Could puncture and pierce the toughest of skin.

To be angry now that my Gramps is gone,
Is Wrong!
We must let his spirit live on,
Through our memories, our smiles, laughter and tears,
Enjoying the memories we shared through the years

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This poem was wrote by me to read out at my Gramps' funeral. As hard as something like this is to do, it was the easiest thing to do to say what I felt and how I will remember my Gramps. With this poem I know he will live on both in my heart and in the minds of others when they read this..