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My Grand Fathers True Love.
AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

My Grand Fathers True Love.

When I was still a little baby,
Just understood little the few matters.
Grandfather finishes work every day,
Catches up with immediately is going home,
He puts me on the arm,
Makes the arm and shoulder the horse's game,
Is light toward the building downstair goes.
To a tea restaurant,
Buys two eggs to flog,
Sits on the horizontal gate stone steps,
The small spoon feeds the egg for me,
He knows me only to like eating the egg,
Therefore remains flogs the shell to my youngest uncle.
Finished eating has taught me slightly to play,
The spot begins the index insects,
My mind although is tiny,
But I felt
Grandfather infinite really loves for me.
Those images and scenes until now,
60 year after all.
I, all cannot forget,
Grandfather's true love.

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