My Grandpa

My grandpa is a special one, he lets me climb his tree.
He helped me build a birdhouse, he says he's proud of me.
His face lights up with smiles when he sees me in the drive,
he says I am the reason that he cares to stay alive!
Now, even though I've noticed that he likes to kid around,
when grandpa says, 'I love you' it's an honest, welcome sound.
He loves me very freely in a very special way.
I love to go to grandpa's house to climb his tree and play,
cause I've a special grandpa who is always loved by me
and I hope I never grow too big to climb his tree!

by Christine K. Trease

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Thanks for the delightful journey to another place......another time...fond memories of my own grandfather! Please read 'Grandpa's Legacy.'