My Grapevine Is Watering Itself

My grapevine is wicking up water
from its myriad roots below the ground.
Capillary action for all to see, dripping
from cut-off branches does astound.

It's kept the bird bath full,
Even though there's been no rain for a week.
Now I cut off a branch above the roots,
and it's dripping there after rising to its peak.

My Grapevine is Watering Itself!

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (6)

Hey, you changed the picture! Nice touch. This must be the actual birdbath and grapevine mentioned in the poem. So all of that liquid in the birdbath came from the grapevine? Do the birds get a bit tipsy when they bathe in it? Or do they even use it, since it is really sap and not water? Fascinating stuff to think about.
I have never grown grape vines but I'll bet they are magnificent when fully foliated.
your formula is too much for my mind but your poem is absolutely fine thanks Spock
I thank you both for you lovely comments. This was too much of an opportunity to pass up.
such a beautiful poem. short and sweet and full of meaning.... wonderful.....! ! ! thank you dear poet..... tony
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