Poem Hunter
My Gratitude To All Poemhunter's Freinds
(11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)

My Gratitude To All Poemhunter's Freinds


Melvin Banggollay

My heart greatly desire to convey sincerely
My gratitude to all my friends in PH's poetry
For their wisdom they have share unselfishly
Inspired me to write my thoughts with melody.

I wish to thank with all my heart my fellow Filipino
In the PH's guild for their wisdom they bestow
Like Elmer Romulo Valdez and Meggie Gultiano,
Ric S. Bastasa, Ariel Escalona and Marvin Brato
Aka Viper, Pacheco, Rommel Filoteo and J. Ragudo
And to the woman I offered a poem once ago
To Frances Lugto that I thought from a place I knew.

And to all my friends from other land or nation
Who never hesitated to share their opinion,
precious comments and their observation
to the poems I have written with my conviction
in any issues that tingled my thoughts and emotion,
I wish to extend my sincerest appreciation.

Like Yoonoos Peerbacus and Frank James Ryan
Venice poet, Straight to the point and Subbaraman,
Howlin Dervish, Kelly Alen Vinal and Raveendran,
Gregory Collins, Doc Wilde and That Weik,
Diana Platt, Melvina Germain and Theodora Steinbruek,
Rajagopal H, Maris Lane and Nataniel Ranostay
Tiffanie Lau, Jeannie Ann Clark and Sema Chowdhury,
Patrice James, Salem L and Kathleen Foster
Linda Weischedel and Shannon Flanders,
John Nightingale and John Ranis Ramos
And all other that I can't tell as my memory froze.

Well, specially I wish to thank Mary Wismer
Who always be in my heart for I truly love her
My kababayan who inspired me to write forever
Loved by many for her tender heart's power.

My apology to all the names I miss unintentionally
For my memory sometimes is in jeopardy,
Let me thank you all and I wish really to convey
My deepest gratitude for reading my poetry.

thank you all.... only these I can only offer
With every beat of my heart I truly confer
To all those who all love to be in POEMHUNTER
Including those who never read my poem forever.

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Comments (4)

hi melvin, magendang umaga. kumus taka.my name was missing from your list.anyway i'll give you a 10 for this.
Melvin, thank you very much..you are so sweet dear one. well as you are always welcome..a great tribute to all your PH friends..
I like to call all of this wonderful people our angels, our earthly angels. You are one of course, and I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for this great tribute. Just know yours, my and there poems will always live in our heart forever…
thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to all your poet friend...its very natural how you express your deepest thanks.