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Monsters Under The Bed

As I lay, in my warm Bed
All the Monsters run through my Head
Gruesome, Mean, Horrible, Things
I wonder what this night Brings?

I dare not Look under my Bed
Close my eyes Tight Instead
Wishing they would all go Away
And never come back, in any Way

I still cannot Sleep
And I am dying to Peek
But this I really Dread
What could be under my Bed? ? ?

So I slowly leaned Over
With a Flashlight, Moreover
I shinned the light in the Dark Space
And my Dog was waggling his tail all over the Place

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Quite delightfu....good job! ! !
Our love is seductively raw and rare Rachel Ann Butler
Cyrano de bergerac would have loved your poem...yes it has that kind of wisdom concerning love.
wonderful poem..you have a beautiful way of expresssing your deep feelings..
Wow! I really love this poem. You are such a great writter.... Love your poems... I give you a 10... for the good writting.
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