My Greg

Poem By 5952

I wake in the morning thinking of you boo
Chances are I just dreamt of us two.

An old picture of you hangs on my desk at the job
Sometimes it makes me want to laugh
Other times I could sob.

I miss you all day but I make it through.
For you, my heart is full of love so real and so true.

Thoughts of you can make that ride home long.
especially if the radio plays a sad, romantic song.

When I pull up in my driveway I am anxious to see what the mailman has left for me.
Will there be a letter from you, baby?

Then I don’t want to leave the house in the evening for fear I’ll miss the phone ring
Hearing your sexy voice is the most wonderful thing

The nickname snuggles is what you call me
I’m not sure where you got that
but it’s cute and makes me happy

Visitation is for such a short time
Oh how I wish I could put your hand in mine
I look through the glass into your eyes
It breaks my heart when we say our goodbyes

And when I lay my head down at night
I pray that one of God’s angels keeps you in their site.

Before I close my eyes
I blow a kiss towards the jail
We have been given a second chance here
we can’t fail!

I have faith in your words that you will live to please him
And you will never repeat this situation you’re in.

God is forgiving, we all make mistakes
I super promise to be here for you no matter how much longer this takes

With faith, you will soon be free to come share this house with me
I can’t wait to be a family, and have a baby (or two or three)

Be happy, can’t you see you’re being blessed with a new life?
Who knows, maybe one day we will be husband and wife! (yea, right)

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