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My Grown Up Daughter
SP ( / Mumbai)

My Grown Up Daughter

She is my gift from the heaven above
She is the focus of all my love
She is my lovely darling daughter
She fills my life with fun and laughter
And gives me so much delight
How precious she is to me!
A treasure to my heart
A ray of sunshine in what had been

A life of darkness and boredom
All the beauty life can give
Is summarized in her
I am proud and I am glad
That life presented her
When I spend time with her
It makes me so very happy

Seeing that beautiful face with a smile
And twinkle in her eyes
Makes me thank god I am alive
Anytime she wants to talk
I am right there to lend an ear
My arms to hold her so dear
I wash her clothes, I sew and cook,
I tuck her in bed all safe at night,
Then tiptoe softly to the door…
I wish I’d stayed a minute more.
For life is short, the years rush past,
The little girl- she grows up fast.
I remember when she was born
So tiny and fragile.

I see how she is growing know
In to a beautiful young lady
It marvels to me no end
That the girl I used to carry
Can walk, run and play without my help know
In her own compelling way
I see that she is unique.
I am confident she’ll reach
The very goal she’d seek.
It saddens to me no end
That someday she’ll walk away
Seeking greener pasture in this big world
And learns so very much
As the years pass, and they do so quickly
Faster than I would like
No longer she, would be at my side
Her precious secrets, to confide.
The picture books would be put away,
There would be no longer games to play
No goodnight kisses, no prayers to hear…
That all would belong to yesteryears.
My hands, once busy, would be stilled.
The days would be long, sometimes hard to fill.
I wish I could go back and do
The little things she asked me to
She will be always the little girl that is
So important in my life
I love her, my precious One
The time spent in her company
Are the most special moments in my life.

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