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My Guardian Angel
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My Guardian Angel

Poem By Ivy Christou

I was there when you were born,
everyone said that you looked like an angel.
For me you were an angel.
The nurse put you in my arms
and I was trembling..
I was afraid to hold you,
I was told that babies are fragile,
you only turn up to be fragile later on.

I watched you grow.
I was there when you said your first word,
when you took your first step,
when your first tooth appeared
and you smiled at me with a relief.

I knew you loved me..
I could see it in your eyes,
when you were looking at me
with all the innocence of the world.
I could feel it in your touch,
each time you held my hand
and hid behind me
when grownups were making fool of themselves
trying to make you smile.

Every afternoon,
after a tiring day,
when for everyone else
I had no time to spare,
I always had time for you,
my precious baby brother.
You drew a yellow circle,
with a few wavy lines
and you shouted with pride: Sun!
It was the prettiest sun I had ever seen.
At nights you liked bed time stories,
with mean dragons,
brave knights
and imprisoned princesses.

You said that when you grow up
you want to be a knight with a shiny panoply
or at least an astronaut.
Instead you became an angel
and you flew away one sunny afternoon..
Since then,
every time I feel sad,
I sense the warmth of my guardian angel's wings,
and I have no doubt that
they are your wings..

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Comments (4)

very sad and beautiful, Ivy. The details you choose to give us about your brother are extremely well chosen, and set us up for a big shock when you finally tell us he's 'no longer here', because we care about him, and about your relationship with him. But you also administer the shock gently, and we're left with your relationship with him as an angel, literally or symbolically/feeling-wise. I think this is my favorite poem of yours, so far.
This poem is so beautiful, sad and touching. A really great poem. Thanks for sharing this and well done.
I love the way you present this so straightforwardly and underplay the affection - it makes it so much more powerful and touching at the end. Congratulations and thanks.
How deeply touching. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience in such a warm and hopeful way.