My Guarding Angel Appeared

How dazzles yet bright the light.
amazed of my shelter from harm,
the graces of my guarding Angel has taken flight.
From no will cause for alarm.

I reach but, yet to far today,
to claim the dreams of darkness.
Thy time of vision has eclipse away,
as the roar of the tide coming so heartless.

I will herald the blessing of Heaven Highway,
"my heart is full, head swells, eyes bright."
Thy hearing," alert to the songs so compassionate at night."

Oh! How I be comfort thee?
When thy heart is open to receive thee.
You've proved thy embrace thy life.

The love for thee, a silver thread of light,
may my soul flow freely?...
"As I pray to my savior, that commands me."

"My Angel's glowing above,"
my protector that's, forever set by my side, with love.

by Charles Copeland

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