My Guilty Conscience

I think ive been a good 'Mum' and in turn a very good 'Wife'
My children they would tell you, have had many traumas through there life

I blame myself entirely, who elses fault could it be?
They saw violence, abuse and anger, things that children shouldnt see

Both of them are suffering, upto the present day
I wish I could make it better for them, please tell me what to say?

I can only be there for them, give them the love and attention they crave
I just want to make them happy and commend them for being so brave

Ive met a man who loves me and is there for my children too
I just wish for happiness, fun and contentment, in everything we do

I dont think this is much to ask, after all the upset we've had
A wish i dont think will come true, is they will never really have there 'Dad'

by Karen Linda White

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your wish karen has come true from the man in your life