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My Gun Is Innocent

why do so many have to die, at the hand's of other's.
we need to ban gun's, some will scream,
they dream of a world, with no gun's.
how can we blame the gun, i have never seen a gun on trial.
a gun dose not fire, without someone, to squeeze the trigger,
take away gun's, from the law abiding citizens, what you'll
have left, is a world full of armed criminals. and good people
with no way to protect, them self's, from armed criminal's.
take the killer's life so they can never kill again, not my gun's,
my gun's have never killed anyone, don't blame my gun
for something a human has done,
fact's are there are crazy people, not crazy gun's,
if someone was hell bent on killing, they would use something,
a knife, a bat, a car, a shovel, a rock,
should we ban all these object's, that's what a gun is, a object
used in the wrong manner, could cause death,
i hope you get my point, don't ban gun's, ban dumb


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Amen, well said! You have brought forth a valid point.