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My Haiku, Or Maiku, Part 1
ES (August 7,1959 / Battlecreek, MI)

My Haiku, Or Maiku, Part 1

Poem By edward serof

to the power of seventeen syllables

Wonderful words surge
through my ink, across my page,
caught for who might read.

Three fine lasses smile,
enjoying friendship each day,
happy to learn more.

Library laughs are
good memories of school days;
we like to be here.

Tornado spits dirt,
rips broad path; in town, men cry;
they will overcome.

Swaying palms sift soft
soothing rays, catch blossoms, smile...
peace relaxes here.

Mirrors of snow fly,
clearly opening bright eyes,
to find no man's home.

Praising palm yields all;
pinking sunset swaddles me;
dying day dips, bye-

Dragonfly's push-ups
beats Angel's chance reaching GOD;
going home, he prays.

Can't touch such greatness,
nor truly tell the mystery;
dragonfly, shy, reels.

Swanned peace reigns, knows where
ends meet truth; staunch but lasting
proof that man pines love.

Autumn hues vary
tunes carry most heard fishing
hearts first frantic, still.

Piercing gray shafts sweep
vast spanses, roam, cast glances;
foam chances rare deep.

Iced fingers tremble;
weighted white in crystal light,
too pure for my walk.

Saguarro surging
spiked oasis, torrid, dry;
parched praisings to GOD.

Road to where takes me;
shadows play, skipping on time-
hardened trees pulse, still.

Sunset sips luscious
bay, teasing wispy nimbus,
dancing to keep pink.

New clouds fold and knead
some strange dog, cat, bird, thingy;
wisps, scant, my dinghy.

(All of the preceding haiku were prompted from photos on the 'Haiku Contest' site. All of the following were prompted by my marriage, dying, and my sensory nerves doing likewise, i.e., Idiopathic Polyneuropathy. An intense, aberrant pain comes with this autoimmune disease, and I loathe it utterly.

Swamped, mired, kiss desired,
fairly played her game alone;
kept self above all.

Love's like Taco Bell:
woof her muff, enjoy the smell,
pangs to taste won't fail.

She kindly walked near;
fallen love sends me reeling;
seared soul, simmers sad.

Tried this dance four times;
tripped through each rift and rafted;
found hope died in all.

Reward: for boy laugh
lost in frayed fool's forged fracas;
sagging soul split (spilt) wide.

Lured home, I thought, 'Well...',
loved best love, so in love fell;
crushed GOD's rose, caught Hell.

Therapy goes fine-
might guess more from glass of wine;
leaving past, will shine.

Advice swirls as Truth-
go, stay, talk, listen, fart, don't;
too late, she left hard.

Maxed, GOD carries me;
nothing remains; Grace abounds;
one step follows next.

Found times where I could
really, truly just be me,
not snagged, nor ensnarled.

Yesterday's ring-up
left me remembering well
her best caresses.

Come again my love,
let us join our GOD aright,
find His best this night.

Holdest not thy breasts
from my tenderest kisses,
searching thine sweet folds.

Amanda loves me;
why? I have no idea,
except she loves all.

Maribeth holds back;
why? I have an idea,
praying L.O.V.E. wins out.

One day I'll be gone-
you'll miss my sweet kisses, you'll
cry and cry for days.

by eserof

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So many great haiku's here! Nicely dome! ! !