(July 19 1983 / )

My Hand In Yours

My hand in yours as we lay in bed.
Your head resting on my chest,
both smiling as we just lightly drift.
Content, peaceful, together,
fulfilled at last being in each others arms
just lying in bed holding hands.

Lying here on my back my hand in yours
as you lay next to me with your head on my chest,
I know now all is finally right,
for being with my true lady is a blessing
only so few men will ever get.
The gift of true love from the woman he adores,
my hand in hers just enjoying her spirit
and soft delicate skin.

My hand in yours just lying in bed,
as I whisper Thank you Dear God for this blessing,
a sweet Angel to give me hope and
guidance with companionship I have wanted,
and with a woman I truly adore.
Then pulling you close with my arm around your shoulder
I give you a kiss tightening my hand in your hand
and say I love you sweet Kira I am yours forever.

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Comments (4)

Really heart touching.
This is beautiful. You have expressed so much love and emotion. A talented writer.; 0)
It is indeed a blessing when two soul-mates meet with a common yearning for each other. you have drawn a picture which is real as well as ideal. We all hope that this love prospers by each passing day. Thanks, Michael.
Quiet passionate the journey. Words are nice to listen at least when it musing.