To sustain life
It is required
To have a tower of strength.

Life is negated
When there is lack of strength.

A strong and vigorous life
Entails harmony and unity.

A feeble and tame life
With short coming of strength
Accords disunity.

With strength you acquire a boon
Of unalloyed love.

With strength in paucity
You get impoverished
And are in the mundane level.

Strength with tenacity
Enables you to realize God
In your vicinity.

by chandra thiagarajan

Comments (4)

Really heart touching.
This is beautiful. You have expressed so much love and emotion. A talented writer.; 0)
It is indeed a blessing when two soul-mates meet with a common yearning for each other. you have drawn a picture which is real as well as ideal. We all hope that this love prospers by each passing day. Thanks, Michael.
Quiet passionate the journey. Words are nice to listen at least when it musing.