My Happiness

You are the epitome of my happiness,
Nothing more, nothing less,
You never give me any stress,
I would help you out of any stress.
When all looks bleak, you look bright,
I will protect you day and night,
I'll show you wrong, I will show you right,
I will help you with your every plight.
You lift my heart, you make it beat,
You put me back upon my feet,
You make my life so sticky sweet,
There is nothing we can't defeat.
With you here, I wont give in,
I'm deteremined to finish, certain we'll win,
It means so much to see you grin,
Happiness is were good times bbegin.
Just look at how you glow and shine,
My love for you will not decline,
You can take up all my time,
You continue my bloodline.

by madeline morris

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