JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

My Harley Angel

Upon a Harley Chopper he appears;
inviting me to ride into the night.
Entranced within his gaze I have no fears;
I climb behind and clutch his body tight.

I feel his blowing hair caress my face
and smell the virile scent of his cologne.
The leather he adorns, my arms embrace;
a different side, this friend of mine, has shown.

My golden locks are braided, flying free,
the cooling wind incites my heaving chest.
As pulsing from below brings ecstasy,
we rumble down this road that holds our quest.

Beneath the southern sky our journey ends,
where I'll adopt a new exciting life.
This cycle ride entwined two loving friends;
now we'll fulfill our dreams as man and wife.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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