My Hated Love

mine is my mind that flays the living out of me
like time
rearranging my spaces your spaces this space rearranged to favour time
to favor the mind that hopes to get life out of this living hell rented to minds
i hope the life i wish to cast will never do time in dreams of mortal deeds
and if so not with soliciting passion
who am i to live for when my only legacy running in my genes evaporate to no circumstances i orchestrated for life
i need life but im told life needs time but i don't need time cause time misleads my mind to thinking im out of life so i gotta do time
i hate the flourishing sites of delicate minds looted to the spine with my life and remunerating me with lies
i hate this hatred betraying my love for your hatred cause i love you my hated
see i hate you but not you cause you are my hated love volting my love and essence of my true time
i hate the facts that minds pour in my wine to wind about how i hate you my only enjoyable time
i hate you but not with my hatred but my love disguised with their hatred cause even with my hatred i still love our time
so lets hate the fact that i love you purely with no hatred in my mind.

by Mpho Nkadimeng

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