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My Head On The Pillow On The 50 Yard Line
(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

My Head On The Pillow On The 50 Yard Line

Poem By Robert Rorabeck

At 4 a.m. I watch the
stadium getting bigger all around
campus the sun is getting ready
she still drives her Lexus
all over my bones
while, in the dorms,
some students have sex
others sleep and dream
mathematical vibrancies of ghosts
floating in the old grotto trees
outside their windows
what they don’t understand is
this situation never dies
but goes down to sleep with new
every 4 years
she graduates
and for as long as I live
a part of my mind will lie down
on Jefferson Street down the
lane from the white washed sororities
how she left me to love
an undergraduate
and the day I passed my thesis
my truck was towed I had
to borrow some young lady’s
dapper legs to retrieve it,
she still was my silhouette
these days she is fine in
a new yard with marble
cherubs shooting arrows
toward her young man’s office
and now one more morning I
go down to sleep my
head on the pillow on the
50 yard line of Doak
Campbell Stadium while my
ex students dream of tail-
gaiting and the three minute
swim of their sex
across campus and my head.

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