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My Headteacher Took My Walkman

My teacher took my walkman, he said they had a rule.
I couldn't bring it into class or even to the school.

He said he would return it, I'd have it back today.
But then he tried my headphones on and gave a click on Play.

He looked a little startled, but after just a while.
He made sure we were occupied and cracked a wicked smile.

His body started swaying, his toes began to tap.
He soon was grooving in his seat and rocking to the rap.

My teacher changed his mind, he said it's now okay.
to bring my walkman into class, he takes it everyday! ! !

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Ha ha ha! ! ! Stuff the walkman, I blast my stereo! ! (I'm a teacher by the way) . Regards, Gina (Miss Onyemaechi to you): -)