KMH ( / Taylor, Pennsylvania)

My Heart

As I stare out my view door
Gazing beyond the barriers and obstacles,
I see snowflakes circling in confusion,
Raindrops touching empty hearts,
And sunbeams striking lonely faces. In the distance I hear empty chords
Of a memory I once lived.
I see it moving across my mind
Like dancers leaping to new heights.
Life was simple back then
Since everyone held the answers. Now I sit in a blizzard of confusion
And search for the answers of life,
Looking beyond the mountains in my way
Only to find empty fields and valleys.
It is then I realize where the true answers lie. I no longer stare out my view door,
Instead I look at the reflection it holds.
That's when I find the place with the answers.
It was always there for me,
Just as it is always here for you.

by Karen Marie Haas

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